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BEFORE USING THE PAYMENT FUNCTIONS, CLICK ON THE FORM'S ABOVE SUBMIT (located to the right, just above this text ).  YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE RECEIVED IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT IT. (THE WEB PAGE WILL REFRESH TO A BLANK PAGE MEANING YOU SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION). AFTER THE PAGE REFRESHES then click on the applicable Add to Cart button below, opening a new page to pay via a PayPal account, or choose the option Check Out to Pay by Credit Card and not use a PayPal account.  Click on Continue Shopping if adding payment for multiple items.  This will return you to this page so you can click on the additional advertising items you are purchasing.  You can repeat this process as many times as you need.  Thank you!

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Click on the blue button to open a fillable, downloadable PDF for mailing with payment.

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Membership and Advertising Applications, along with payment, can be completed and submitted online, OR using the Blue Buttons, applications can be printed and mailed with payment.

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* The TRBAALAS Newsletter is distributed by email as a PDF, and prints standard paper size (8 1/2 x 11).

* Ads are purchased individually, thus multiple ads can be place in one to all publications.

* For best results, send a JPG or PDF of your ad(s) to our Membership (communications) Chair at 

Newsletter Fall Edition 1/2 page ad

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ONLINE FOR SUBMISSION: The application and payment process are separate submissions.  All required questions are marked with a red asterisk (*), and must be completed for the SUBMIT function to activate. The application page will refresh to a blank page if correctly completing and submitting an application.  An email confirming receipt will be sent in 1-7 days.

NOTE: Any company donating $1,000 or more per year in advertising, sponsoring an event, etc., will receive a sponsor thank you plaque and 10 memberships.